DB to Search:
field The field you want to look for (OS, host, port)
	may be shortened to the shortist non-duplicated string
	os may be o, host may be h, etc...

search is the search string you want to look for
	to search for an open port use port/state (21/open)

	you can use the bang (!) at the begining of a search
	to look for entries that do not contain that string 
	to look for non Microsoft product, 
	look for 'os' and '!microsoft'

	entries seperated by a space are automatically ORed
	but, the first one will determin the NOT(!) or not...
	so, if I used 'OS' for my field and
	'!microsoft windows cisco'
	this would find all entries that did not have 
	microsoft, windows or cisco in the OS field.

DB> for the nmap (-oG) file you want to use as the DB
	The files listed are the local DBs
	The date/time stamp is the date they should have been created.